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Standard Products

In addition to producing glass parts to custom specifications, for efficiency in production and service, Wilmad-LabGlass offers many stock and stock to custom items serving a wide range of markets.
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Precision Bore (PB) Tubing

Produced by heat shrinking commercial tubing on mandrels, this process combined with appropriate finishing is often the starting point for many different products. Wilmad-LabGlass’ expertise has been developed through years of experience with capability to produce tubing of practically any size, length and shape including capillary tubing, round, square and rectangular to rigorous I.D. and O.D. tolerances as tight as 0.0002”.

Flowmeter Tubes

From blank precision tubes to completely calibrated assemblies, we offer flowmeter tubes for liquid and gas metering. A rigorous quality control program with step-by-step inspections, numerous flow measurement checks and flow calibration assures that each tube meets required specifications. 

Our range includes flowmeter tubes from several inches to 3 feet long with I.D.’s ranging from a few millimeters to several centimeters. Tubes can be fluted or ribbed on the I.D. to provide a guide for the float.

Syringe Sets (Pistons & Barrels) for Precise Dispensing of Minute Volumes

Produced for a number of customers offering automated pipetting, diluting or titration apparatus, Wilmad-LabGlass has earned its reputation for ultra-precise manufacturing, stringent quality control and on-time delivery.  

Electronic Components

Electronic engineers rely on our rigid glassware tolerances and precision manufacturing to assure maximum life from the devices they design. Wilmad PB Tubing and parts can be found in countless electronic applications. Meeting specifications equally as stringent as those applicable in metal allows glass to be successfully and profitably used as components in electronic assemblies and subassemblies. Metal-to-glass seals necessary in many electronic applications are one of Wilmad-LabGlass’ core competencies.

Glass to Metal Sealing

The art of sealing glass to metal involves a thorough knowledge of not only glass, but of the linear coefficients of expansion of metals as well. We specialize in the expansion match seal in which the fusion joints between the glass and metal carry linear coefficients of expansion which are identical or nearly so. 

Variable High Voltage Capacitors

Specialized high voltage capacitors are manufactured for D.O.D. communications systems utilizing a varied portfolio of special skills sets including envelopes from precision quartz tubing and with quartz-to-metal seals and several machining and fabrication steps during assembly.

Wave Guides

These glass tubes will eventually become traveling wave tubes as components in a magnetron. Used to generate and direct microwave radiation, precision is critical to maintaining the uniformity of the microwave currents.