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Precision Glass Tubing

  • Capillary, round, multi-bore, rectangular & square tubing
  • I.D. tolerances of up to +/- 0.0002"
  • Concentric and centerless grinding with O.D. precision of up to +/- 0.0002”
  • Vertical and horizontal shrinking with precise product control of any diameter tube up to 6” 
  • Ability to maintain rigorous length and perpendicularity tolerances

Precision Grinding

The grinding processes both concentric (where both O.D. and wall thickness is precisely controlled) and centerless (where the O.D. is controlled) can be performed to the same precision tolerances as our I.D. work. 

Precision Cutting

Including end finishing or cut and fire polish. 

Glass Blowing

Our skilled glassblowers can shape almost anything, either freehand or on lathes.

Lathe Fabrication
  • Small bore precision forming to large apparatus
  • Graded Sealing
    • Glass to glass
    • Glass to quartz
    • Glass to metal
Lamp Working
  • Precision hand sealing of components

Glass Tooling & Forming

  • Production of full apparatus, joints and flanges from tubes and rods

Facilities are available for:

  • Vacuum silvering
  • Forming glass-to-metal seals 
    • Tungsten, stainless steel & platinum
    • We specialize in the expansion match seal in which the fusion of the joints between glass and metal carry linear coefficients of expansion which are identical or nearly so
  • Ultra-high vacuum glass jacketing
  • Manufacturing vacuum tube electronic feedthroughs

Glass Treatment Processes

  • Specialty Coatings
    • UV light inhibitor safety coatings
    • Low actinic and amber coatings
    • PVC & Nylon safety coatings
  • Chemical Strengthening
    • When glass is to be used in settings under higher pressure

Marking & Decoration

  • Graduated Marking by Etching & Silk Screening
    • Labware is calibrated in a temperature controlled environment and then permanently marked through etching and/or silk screening
  • Decal Application, including sequential barcoding