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About Us

Enough about us - Let’s talk about YOU.
Your needs and winning Your Confidence that Wilmad-LabGlass is worthy of being Your Supplier. We call it the WLG Difference!

Skilled Glass Specialists

At Wilmad-LabGlass we believe people are the center point of every successful endeavor. And, when it comes to glass knowledge, experience and ability to turn complex specifications into finished products the Wilmad-LabGlass team is world class. Many of our craftsmen have 20+ years of experience and a structured mentoring program assures rising talent continues to develop the skills and understanding of our customer’s needs to create complex glassware with precise accuracy, repeatability and superb workmanship. 

Our main facility is located in Vineland, NJ an area rich in history that to this day continues to be a center point of the American glass making industry. Satellite production and glass repair facilities are located in Kingsport, TN and Elk Grove, IL. 


ISO 9001:2008 Commitment to Quality

Our ISO 9001:2008 registered quality control program begins with inspection of incoming material and follows through every step of the manufacturing process. Visual inspection by skilled workers is on-going during production and where required, microscopic inspection tools are employed to minimize inclusions and imperfections in the finished product. 

To ensure tolerances are met, QC inspectors use NIST calibrated micrometers, air gauges and other precision measurement equipment. Where required, leak testing is also performed using our mass spectrometer.


Engineering Services

Wilmad-LabGlass OEM team members have a combined 375+ years of experience in the glass industry. When you bring your project to Wilmad-LabGlass a glass engineer is assigned to follow your precision part from initial review all the way through the manufacturing process. This assures continuity in quality and timely, accurate project communication with you and our internal team. In addition, our glass engineers are available for consultation as you develop your concepts and final specifications. 

Upload your specifications and we will be happy to quote to your requirements and where applicable suggest modifications or a possible “in stock” alternative for optimal performance, economy and durability.